Monday, August 26, 2013

My new venture!

I've started up a small business! I'm so excited about it! I just saved my new business cards in Word so that I can print them tomorrow morning (our printer is ridiculously loud!). I've had SO many people messaging me with questions and orders! I'm so blessed!
  So, if you don't know this about me already, I'll fill you in. I'm a "crafter". I craft  A LOT! I love to sew, cook, bake, make cards, and a lot of stuff. Since the birth of my baby girl last October, I had to give up my craft room so that she would have a place to live. It was more of musical "chairs" since we ended up moving our son into what was my craft room so that our new baby could have his old room. And just like musical chairs... I lost my spot. So, until we build a new house or move into something a little bigger, I now get a little space in my husbands office. Maybe it's not as little as I'm portraying it to be though. My husband made enough room for me to put my table and my little chest of drawers that is filled with my fabric. Since I was getting downsized from a whole bedroom to a now 5'x5' space, I had to choose what craft I was going to stick with for a while. I chose to sew. The kids will always need clothes taken in or repaired or made, and my husband will too. I had to choose the one "craft" that would be more useful. I guess now, I've made the best of it!
  If you're interested to see my new site I made on facebook for my small business, here you go:

I am learning as I go. I am especially excited though because my husband took me shopping for supplies the other day! I got some sales order tablets, a small organizer to hold my sales tablet (which also has a little spot to hold my business cards I'm printing off tomorrow!), an expandable file for filled orders, some thumb tacks, some pens, and blank business cards. It totally made me feel like I was going back to school! I remember getting a super fun/excited feeling every year before school started. I would get super organized and figure out what pens go where in my new back pack and what paper would go where in my Lisa Frank binder. Ah... good times. Unfortunately, the feeling would pass as soon as I would get home on that first day of school with a bunch of homework. Oh well. This time (now that I'm older) the feeling doesn't pass. I'm so excited because I'm doing what I really enjoy!
Well, I better get to bed... the benadryl is putting me to sleep, but at least my nose is clear : )

Here's a couple of pics of the shoes I've made:

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  1. I'm so happy for you! This new venture is just perfect for you! And the shoes are absolutely adorable!!! :)

    PS--Don't worry about your card stuff. It's in good hands and very well loved! :)