Friday, June 21, 2013

Music of life...

There's something that has to be said about the true impact of music. Music can make us feel an infinite variety of emotions. What music is going through your mind right now?
Over the past couple of days, I've taken a break from watching my favorite TV shows while cycling in my back porch in order to see if listening to music would help me work harder and faster. I noticed that while improving considerably on my cadence, music like Coolio's Gangsters Paradise didn't give me a great aftertaste in my mood when I was done. I opted out of that on today's ride, and instead I listened to a playlist of christian music I created on You Tube. I had the same improved result in cadence as yesterday's ride, however, my mood/feelings during the ride went into deeper thoughts as I listened and followed along with the lyrics.
Having always had music of some sort going through my mind through all my years, I've come to realize in the past  year or so that the genre of music I listen to can have a significant impact on the result of my day. My attitude can be changed amazingly just by listening to songs like 'Bring the Rain' by Mercy Me as opposed to songs like 'Superman' by Five for Fighting. And after following along with the lyrics for 'Superman' on my ride yesterday, I found that that song to be severely depressive! I used to "sing" along with songs like that even though I didn't know the lyrics most of the time. The tunes might have been really catchy, but what was I singing along to?? It makes me wonder what the world would be like if gangsters would listen to music like 'What a Friend We Have In Jesus'? LOL!
Although we are not on this earth to convert anyone, what kind of example of Jesus are we showing by the music we listen to, and by the music we WANT people to listen to? Just a thought...

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  1. I concur with your thoughts. It's actually a little disturbing to me that, even after all these years of not listening to certain music, I can still sing every last word of songs I hear when I'm out shopping. Does music affect us? Yeah...probably more than we'll ever truly know...

    I heard a sermon in April that talked about us being a picture frame and Jesus being in the picture. And the pastor talked about how we need to make sure, if we're calling ourselves Christians, that the picture we show the world isn't skewed or confused. Our picture of Christ should leave the person looking at us realizing that Jesus is love--and lovely...and that every part of our life should reflect that beautiful picture... :)