Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time goes by...

Where does the time go? I find that there doesn't seem to be enough in a day for me to do everything that I want. And yet, I find enough time in a day to be able to watch my favorite shows and sit around. My husband once told me that I should write down everything that I do in a day so that I can see where I am wasting my time. Uh...I don't think so. It takes time to sit and write about my time, so i'd be wasting my time.  Let me just say that he didn't enjoy my answer as much as I did.
I am trying to get better at my daily schedule so that I can fit my hobbies in as much as possible. Finding time is getting more difficult, however, because the kids seem to be growing and gaining new abilities by the minute! My baby girl decided to stand up yesterday and walk herself along the baby gate! And my boy decided he wanted to climb onto the coffee table and tell the whole world what he just did! So, amid the new events happening constantly around the house, I do my best to get other things done. Such things like cleaning, cooking, drinking water and... going to the bathroom. Thankfully, I do get a two hour block in the afternoons to do an hour of exercise followed by an hour of deep cleaning or sewing. Before I know it, the kids are awake again and hungry. I did decide to lessen my menu stress by creating a weekly meal plan. So far (two days worth), it's been working out. I do have small moments of panic right after buckling my son in his booster seat thinking, 'What am I gonna feed this guy???!!!!' followed by a welcomed moment of peace when I look at the plan on the refrigerator door. That really is a time saver. It also helped that my husband watched the kids while I cooked up a storm on Sunday. Having foods ready to reheat when I need them has been a real life saver. 
I realize that after all I've done so far to save time in order to do other things that I really want to do, I have yet to mention any time spent alone with God. Time spent praying is something that I don't keep on my 'log' of time spent. Praying is something that I do constantly throughout my day. No matter what my feelings are throughout my day, I am forever thankful and grateful to Him who makes my life and the lives around me possible. I say this because about two and a half years ago, I was told that conceiving would not be in my future. Thankfully, the Lord had plans already in the making for us. And as the time passes by, I watch my two babies growing and developing more and more everyday. I guess I really need to make sure that I take advantage of every moment that is given to me. So even if there doesn't seem to be enough hours in my day, I remember that every second is precious.


  1. Enjoy the moments...

    BTW, I enjoyed your answer to Michael... :)