Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Up-cycling projects

I've been doing some up-cycling this past week and a half. Mostly due to the crazy thrift store run I made last week. I feel I need to finish some of these before I go crazy again at some other thrift store. Anyway, here's a couple I finished this past week.

The first one was reassembled from a white skirt that had an interesting black embroidery job on it. This skirt had a slip under it because the little circles you see on it are cut outs. Super cute fabric! I ended up reusing the black ribbon that went across the top as well. The idea for this skirt to dress upcycle came from the Craftiness Is Not Optional blog. She has a great tutorial on there for how to do this type of upcycle. This one is from the Skirt to Dress Refashion.

Here's what the original skirt looked like:

Here is what the front of the finished dress looks like now. I added a black rolled fabric flower that I made to add a little something.

Here is what the back looks like. I did sew 4 inches of 1/4" elastic along the top between the two straps.

Up-cycle #2:
Basic skirt with an invisible zipper to the right.

Cut the zipper off along with some more on each side of the skirt. Cut out the arm holes and used matching bias tape to make the straps. The flower was made with scraps as well as some off white lace for contrast.

Sorry for the blurry pic. The only thing I cut away from the original skirt to make the back was the arm holes. I really want this dress to fit her for a long time, so I added two rows of 1" elastic on the top. I also left a couple inches on each strap end so that I can lengthen the straps as she grows. The plan is that this dress will fit through next fall (2T/3T). It will of course fit just a tad shorter than it does now.

Thanks for looking!

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